Lifting Children Out of Poverty

Who we are:

An Ascend Mission Fund 

project in Maputo, Mozambique



An after-school Academy aimed at lifting children out of poverty through mentorship, education, and technology. 


What we do:


Dedicated  mentorship in core personal values. 





in Portuguese

and English.

Computer Skills



training in


 computer skills. 


How we do it: 

5 Days a Week.

4 Hours a Day.

An environment of love, support and training

for children in extreme poverty. 


How you can help:

Ascend Angel

Commit to a recurring personal gift, join us on a trip, help us spread the word.

Ascend Partner

Commit to partnering with us through sharing resources and volunteers.

Ascend Patron

Commit to financing key strategic initiatives and projects.

“Mozambique is among of the poorest countries in the world, more than half of the population lives on under $2 a day. Through resources, training and mentoring, we are equipping a generation to break the cycle of poverty permanently. Will you join us in this work? ” 

Christian Ray Flores     


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